Natural Hair

Chinese Horse Tail Hair  

Promat keeps stocks. Delivery within 2-5 days in Europe. 

Chinese Double Drawn Horse Tail Hair
Mix, Black, White/blonde, and Brown colour
Cut sizes: 130mm, 140mm, 150mm
Standard sizes: 9-12,75″, 13-15,75″ or other to order.

Moreover we recommend you broom hair mixtures made of 100% HH without synthetics, which are very well combed, cleaned and free of curly week hair . Such mixtures works better in brush filling machines than standard not processed hair. Look at the photo above.

We produce also many kinds of Horse Hair Broom Mixtures with PET, PVC or PP.

Broom Cattle Hair & Goat

We trade also with Broom Cattle Hair
Mix, Black dyed and Blonde/Fawn
Cut sizes: 130, 140, 150mm

Hair is stiff, strong and well combed, much better quality than Chinese HTH.  We recomend you also  Cattle Hair Broom Mixtures with PET, PVC or PP in various colours and compositions.

Goat Hair is available to special orders.
Cut sizes: 133, 150mm

White Boiled Chungking Bristle for paint brushes

White Boiled Chungking Bristle 60% tops, 44mm to 95mm.
White Boiled Chungking Bristle 90% tops, 44mm to 95mm.

White paint brush mixtures as natural bristle imitation, made of natural bristle and solid synthetics with tapered tops.

White Paint Brush Mixtute 50/50% – Natural Bristle 60 or 90% tops / Syntetic
51mm to 95mm.
White Paint Brush Mixtute 20/80% – Natural Bristle 60% tops / Syntetic
44mm to 76mm.

To special order:
Black Dyed Chungking Bristle 90% tops, 51mm to 95mm.
Black Paint Brush Mixtute 50/50% – Natural Bristle 90% tops / Syntetic
51mm to 95mm.