Brush Wires


Brush steel wires
There are four types of steel wire in our offer:

Bright spring carbon steel wire in coils, Tensile Strength: 2350-2500 MPa, paking 25-30kg / coil
Black oil tempered steel wire in coils, Tensile Strength: 1700 – 2000 MPa,
Black flat oil tempered steel wire cut up in segments, Tensile Strength: 1700 – 2000 MPa,
Bright zinc plated anchor steel wire for brush filling machines packed in spools, Tensile Strenhth: 620 – 650 MPa.

Brush filling wires
We offer three types of brush filling wires: Braas, Niekel silver, Phospor bronze.

The wires are available in 0,08 – 0,45 mm diameter, and can be supplied in either round, crimped, shaped or flat form meeting any hardness temper requirements. Type of crimping as follows: machine crimp, double spiral, single flat.
Aplication of such wires is in: wheel brushes, end and cup brushes, hand scratch brushes, strip brushes, tube-cleaning interior brushes.
Packing: cut to lengths, in coils, on spools.