Natural Vegetable Fibres

Promat trades in natural vegetable brush fibers like Coco Brush Fibre, Arenga Fibre, Bassine (Palmyra Fibre) and Tampico. All fibres are available in varius types, colours and sizes, can be also  combed in mixing machine and cut to order. Moreover we produce brush and broom mixtures made of any vegetable fibre accordig to customers’ orders.

Coco brush fibre

Coco Fibre is a very lightweight material, making it suitable for softer sweeping brooms. Its low cost makes it the best choice for economical domestic brushware. Coco Fibre is available as:

_ 3 tie Natural Coco Brush Fibre Fully Waxed Extra Hackled Cut 16, 17, 18, or 19cm
_ 3 tie Black Dyed Coco Brush Fibre Fully Waxed Extra Hackled Cut 16, 17, 18cm
_ 3 tie White Bleached Coco Brush Fibre Fully Waxed Extra Hackled Cut 16, 17, 18cm

We offer also:

_Pure Coco Brush Mixture 100%, combed cleaned and oiled in mixing machine, which works much better in brush filling machines than not processed fibre in bulks.
_Brush Mixtures of Coco Natural, Black or White with PET imitation of coco.

Tampico brush fibre

Tampico fibre is obtained from Agava which grows in Mexico. The basic colour of the fibre is natural white but can be dayed to any colour. We offer mostly natural white and natural white in extra stiff quality as well as black dyed fibres. Tampico is perfect material in technical brushes for polishing purposes.
Promat Company offers:

_Natural Double Drown Tampico Fiber in sizes : 230mm (9″), 240mm (9,5″), 254mm (10″), 280mm (11″), 305mm (12″), 330mm (13″) and 355mm (14″).
We can cut these lengths into: 50mm, 60mm, 75mm, 120mm, 140mm (5,5″), 152mm (6″), 165mm (6,5″), 177mm (7″),

_ Brush Mixture of Natural Tampico / PET tampico imitation

Bassine (Palmyra) Fibre
This fibre comes from the Palmyra Palm which is found in India. It is very strong and hard-wearing material, making it ideally siutable for semi-stiff sweeping brooms and scrubbing brushes.
We usually trade with following lengths and qualities of Palmyra:
_Medium Stiff Natural Palmyra Fibre in sizes 170mm, 360mm, 18″ 19”, 20”, 21”
_Medium Stiff Natural Palmyra Oil Fibre
_Medium Stiff Black Dyed Palmyra Fibre 170mm
It is possible to cut Bassine into custom size.

We produce many kinds of Mixtures with Bassine Fibre, like:
_ UNION Mixtures Bassine Natural Brown / Tampico Natural
_Synthetic UNION Bassine Natural Brown / PET tampico imitation

Arenga Fibre

Arenga fibre comes from Indonesia and it is harvested from the Arenga Pinnata Palm. It has excellent wearing and sweeping qualities and does not crush easily.
We offer arenga in natural brown colour, in “D” or”E” quality, 170mm.

Arenga fibre is mostly mixed with synthetic or other natural fibres. Our company offers many kinds of such mixtures:
_Broom Mixture 170mm Arenga Natural /Bassine Black Dyed
_Broom Mixture 170mm Arenga Natural / PVC or PET in various colours

More information about brush and broom mixtures here.