Natural Brush Hair

Chinese Horse Tail Hair  

Promat offers Chinese Horse Tail Hair , double drawn,  in mix, black, white/blonde, brown and silver grey colour, sizes: 130mm, 140mm, 150mm, , 9-12,75″, 13-15,75″ or other sizes to order.

We produce also many kinds of brush mixtures of horse hair with PET, PVC or PP.

Moreover we recommend to place orders for brush hair mixtures made of HH only and no synthetics. Such mixtures has very well combed, cleaned and oiled hair which works better in brush filling machines. The photo above.


Brush Cattle Hair

We trade also with Brush Cattle Hair in blonde/fawn, mix colour and black dyed cut mostly into 140 and 150mm.

Hair is stiff, strong and well combed, much better quality than Chinese HH.  We recomend you also brush hair mixtures made of Cattle hair and PET or PP fibres in various colours and compositions.