Brush & Broom Mixtures

Promat Company offers many kinds of brush and broom mixtures. We can make any composition according to customer’s request. We keep fixed stock of all necessary components in our warehose, so delivery deadlines are short. Thanks to the most modern mixing lines and experienced workers we are able to prepare well dressed and combed material in trustworthy quality. Below are displied some examples of our production.


Coco Fibre Brush Mixtures

_Brush Mixture 170mm Natural Brown Coco Fibre 100%
_Brush Mixture 170mm Natural Brown Coco Fibre / PET coco imitation
_Brush Mixture 150mm Black Dyed Coco Fibre / PET black
_Brush Mixture 140mm White Bleached Coco / PET ivory


Arenga and Bassine Fibre (Palmyra) Brush Mixtures

_Brush Mixture 170mm Natural Arenga Fibre/ Black Dyed Bassine Fibre
_Brush Mixture 170mm Natural Arenga Fibre/ Natural Brown Bassine Fibre
_ Brush Mixture 170mm Natural Arenga Fibre/ PET fibre
_Brush Mixture 170mm Natural Arenga Fibre/ PVC fibre
_Brush Mixture 170mm Bassine Natural Brown / PET fibre in two colours
_Brush Mixture 170mm Bassine Black Dyed / PVC fibre


UNION Mixtures

_Brush Mixture 170mm Arenga Natural Brown / Tampico Fibre
_Natural Union Brush Mixture 150mm Bassine Natural Brown / Tampico Fibre
_Synthetic Union Brush Mixture 90mm Bassine Natural Brown / PET colours

_Brush Mixture 152mm Tampico Natural / PET


Brush Hair Mixtures

For production of Hair Mixtures we can use any kind of Horse or Cattle Hair according to custom order of customer. Most popular for brush production is Chinese Horse Tail Hair in Mix, Black or White color in cut sizes and quality 9-12,75″ .

For special orders we can mix super quality Horse Tail Hair of Polish origin.  Such a hair is very strong, stiff and thick it is supplied in 75cm quality.


_Brush Mixture 150mm Black Horse Tail Hair 100%
_Brush Mixture 150mm Mix Horse Tail Hair / PET black
_Brush Mixture 150mm Mix Horse Tail Hair / PET imitation of mixed hair
_Brush Mixture 150mm White Horse Tail Hair / PET imitation of fair hair
_Brush Mixture 150mm Brown Horse Tail Hair / PET imitation of brown hair
_Brush Mixture 150mm Black Cattle Hair / Coco Black Dyed Fibre / PET black

Brush & Broom Synthetic Mixtures 

_Brush Mixture 70mm PET imitation of Horse Hair
_Broom Mixture 170mm Triple colour PET fibres

All of above examples can be customized regarding to material kind, diameter, size and composition.